Business Transactions are hard.

Make them easy with ClearPay.

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More Options. More Control. Less Red Tape.

We help provide streamline technical solutions for our clients to meet there needs to help them save time and money when taking electronic payments.



Point-of-sale solutions powered by a commitment to fast funding and no hidden fees.



Have the freedom to take your business with you and make sales on the go.


Accept credit card payments online and watch your business grow.



Take payments over the phone or by email, taking your business with you anywhere.


Our Clients


89% of small business owners

believe their business is at little to no risk of being breached. Don’t be caught off guard.


The 4 Quadrants of ClearPay Midsouth

  1. Relationships driven: we strive to be a referral network for our clients and our partners alike. If we don’t have a recommendation or a solution, we’ll find it. Not to earn your business but to help you and others down the road.

  2. Community Focused: Continuously work to help the nonprofits sector including schools, churches and other 501 categories to streamline operations and increase revenue with our agnostic solutions

  3. CyberSecurity: CyberPayments Solution- Assist in maintaining compliance through a simple guide, and poc (point of contact) we recommend solutions to maintain the overall issues to work with your existing provider, if you don’t have one we have dozens of recommendations locally and nationally & globally.

  4. FinTech: (Financial Technology) whether it’s new forms of payment, new ways of acceptance we have access to it. With more advancements means more security protocols and awareness. With access to networks and payment providers throughout the globe we have you covered for now and in the future.


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